Aside from a weekly journal, this is a blog. This page also gives some insight into what I'm listening to and reading right now. It's a bit of playground to grab data from various API's.

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We finally got the normal spring showers, which the garden really enjoyed. I’ve cautiously starting venturing out more—who’d have thought I would miss shopping in a real shop—as the restrictions in the UK start easing. Also this week:

  • I spent a lot of time organising my first remote-first design sprint, which has meant restructuring the week quite a bit from normal. I’ll probably write a little post about that eventually.
  • I had my first haircut in a long time—since early December. Which was wonderful! My headphones fit properly again, and my ears can get some air.
  • I spent the weekend building a new arbour/seating area for the garden, ready for BBQ season.

Current clients:

  • A UK-based online legal advice platform
  • A fast-food chain in the middle-east
  • A belgian auctioneer.


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Last week I listened to around
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  1. Cover art for Glueland EP by Do Nothing

    Do Nothing

  2. Cover art for For the first time by Black Country, New Road
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    Black Country, New Road

  3. Cover art for Metamodern Sounds in Country Music by Sturgill Simpson
    The Promise

    Sturgill Simpson

  4. Cover art for Back to Basics by Billy Bragg
    A New England

    Billy Bragg

  5. Cover art for It's A Shame About Ray (Expanded Edition) by The Lemonheads

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