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This is a development blog, also a list of people, resources and tools that have made this site what it is. Check back regularly, as I try to keep this up-to-date, when I get time.


  1. Typography Update

    July 2021

  2. Savee Integration

    May 2021

  3. Updated Bookmarks Layout

    April 2021

  4. A Simpler Layout

    April 2021

  5. Eleventy

    March 2021

  6. Alpine JS

    March 2021

  7. Converting to Markdown

    February 2021

Recent commits
  1. #944bbb5

    Lazy load movie posters

  2. #48907ec

    Re-instate favourited bookmarks

  3. #2f83e84

    Fix posts list on smaller devices

  4. #38372d0

    Add markdown-it as an explicit dep

  5. #5cdd70f

    Add a "Watching" section to the journal

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Special thanks go to:

And, in no particular order, a list of people and sites that have contributed some visual inspiration:


This site is built using Eleventy (11ty), hosted on Netlify, the content and data is pulled from Contentful, Spotify, last.fm, and GitHub.

The Source Code is hosted on GitHub.

  • The The A11Y Project inspired me to try Eleventy, and provided excellent advice.
  • I am using the CUBE CSS methodology for all the styling.
  • I was also inspired by SmolCSS. The minimal snippets are an excellent example that CSS is an art form.
  • I combined This tutorial in the Eleventy docs with PostCSS for a simple, extendable style pipeline.
  • The Eleventy RSS plugin avoided lots of RSS headaches.
  • Piccalilli wrote a simple tutorial on outputting JSON from Eleventy.
  • I was also helped along the way by tea-tack and eleventyone.


My typographic system is made up of:

  • Blanco from Foster Type is used as body copy, and some headings.
  • Signifier from Klim is used for larger headings.
  • Pitch from Klim is used for smaller text, and data.

This site has formerly used: