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This is a development blog, also a list of people, resources and tools that have made this site what it is. Check back regularly, as I try to keep this up-to-date, when I get time.


  1. A Flat(ter) File CMS

    June 2022

  2. Typography Update

    July 2021

  3. Savee Integration

    May 2021

  4. Updated Bookmarks Layout

    April 2021

  5. A Simpler Layout

    April 2021

  6. Eleventy

    March 2021

  7. Alpine JS

    March 2021

  8. Converting to Markdown

    February 2021

Recent changes
  1. #af876a1d737e0ea463258352bf726c045b934612

    Move configs to package.json

  2. #6fb0b0b0ce01ef904aec8d5dbdffc04a9784057c

    Squashed commit of the following:

  3. #a94196d8b9c0f1bd8fca4c3ffea52e78282c2e68

    Squashed commit of the following:

  4. #6a413b82345e5ea222d14061772d777375896005

    Fix About page content and layout

  5. #f8df35d280b31bcd9f2f7496faf4ad28cc871c4f

    Replace 'markdown-it-sidenote':

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Special thanks go to:

And, in no particular order, a list of people and sites that have contributed some visual inspiration:


This site is built using Eleventy (11ty), hosted on Netlify, the content and data is pulled from Contentful, Spotify, last.fm, and GitHub.

The Source Code is hosted on GitHub.


My typographic system is made up of:

  • Blanco from Foster Type is used as body copy, and some headings.
  • Signifier from Klim is used for larger headings.
  • Pitch from Klim is used for smaller text, and data.

This site has formerly used: