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This is a development blog, also a list of people, resources and tools that have made this site what it is. Check back regularly, as I try to keep this up-to-date, when I get time.


  1. A Flat(ter) File CMS

    June 2022

  2. Typography Update

    July 2021

  3. Savee Integration

    May 2021

  4. Updated Bookmarks Layout

    April 2021

  5. A Simpler Layout

    April 2021

  6. Eleventy

    March 2021

  7. Alpine JS

    March 2021

  8. Converting to Markdown

    February 2021

Recent changes
  1. #c3ee3b621b8e712797fc9bc64e54592ca099dc81

    Remove prettier; tidy-up linting configs

  2. #d9d9b9c864f73eee8bc49bb81816c221c1dce84b

    Request Savee image from new GraphQL endpoint

  3. #34499762d675f1c226b7bc3abff408499fcefe72

    Request grayscale images for smaller filesize

  4. #63ffa197164fc63dfae2c1dd0eb0fa8e1563bd58

    Remove old preconnect meta tags

  5. #04fe52519c5741b4c82ee37f754e9d337bca5d21

    Add carbon impact measurement to colophon

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Approximately 0.04g of CO₂ is produced every time someone visits this website. Which is cleaner than 96% of websites tested by websitecarbon.com.


Special thanks go to:

And, in no particular order, a list of people and sites that have contributed some visual inspiration:


This site is built using Eleventy (11ty), hosted on Netlify, the content and data is pulled from Contentful, Spotify, last.fm, and GitHub.

The Source Code is hosted on GitHub.


My typographic system is made up of:

  • Blanco from Foster Type is used as body copy, and some headings.
  • Signifier from Klim is used for larger headings.
  • Pitch from Klim is used for smaller text, and data.

This site has formerly used: