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This is a development blog, also a list of people, resources and tools that have made this site what it is. Check back regularly, as I try to keep this up-to-date, when I get time.


  1. A Flat(ter) File CMS

    Jun 14, 2022

  2. Typography Update

    Jul 18, 2021

  3. Savee Integration

    May 2, 2021

  4. Updated Bookmarks Layout

    Apr 30, 2021

  5. A Simpler Layout

    Apr 30, 2021

  6. Eleventy

    Mar 14, 2021

  7. Alpine JS

    Mar 14, 2021

  8. Converting to Markdown

    Feb 5, 2021

Recent changes
  1. #2931d1f0623dfeede4ca2bd3fe619036b35f0e9f

    Fix bookmark reverse bug

  2. #83674ef3dd034f389ac52ae285523512944edd3f

    Remove some css blocks

  3. #0e0ecdfe98c87b0a083785fdb11e81cfba86332e

    Fix relative links in RSS feeds

  4. #ec6dba776b98c7f6cb5220e355c81a9a1a83a40c

    Don't apply a filter to grayscale images

  5. #89f23f21f8cd9ae7ddb10349a9b8b9d268632b20

    Remove the 'subtitle' CSS class

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Approximately 0.06g of CO₂ is produced every time someone visits this website. Which is cleaner than 94% of websites tested by websitecarbon.com.


Special thanks go to:

And, in no particular order, a list of people and sites that have contributed some visual inspiration:


This site is built using Eleventy (11ty), hosted on Netlify, the content and data is pulled from Contentful, Spotify, last.fm, and GitHub.

The Source Code is hosted on GitHub.


My typographic system is made up of:

  • Blanco from Foster Type is used as body copy, and some headings.
  • Signifier from Klim is used for larger headings.
  • Pitch from Klim is used for smaller text, and data.

This site has formerly used: