I try and keep track of all the interesting things I find on my travels around the web. Because the internet never stops changing, as this list gets older things will begin to decay and disappear. So this isn’t an archive as such, it’s a log.

Favourites — September 2021

  • Riley Cran recently annouced thier new font foundry. Since then they've been creating Twitter gold in the form of super detailed, but interesting threads about typographic details, and the process of designing type. Highly recommended reading.

  • This long-read by Mary Dyson long-read is research backed, and challenges some long held assumptions about line-length and how it affects readability of text. Fascinating stuff.

  • Klim have been absolutely on fire lately. Epicene is the latest release, and it's a real beauty. I've been starting at the Italics all week. Don't forget to check out the always brilliant design notes.