A Small Act of Bravery

Initial Post

Towards the end of designing and building this personal website I got an unusual feeling, a feeling of fear. It slowed me down, I almost didn’t finish; I didn’t want to.

I was not entirely sure where this fear came from, but it made me question: “why?” I could only guess that I was anticipating something, perhaps offending someone in my past, present, or future. Maybe the site would go unnoticed, or would be torn apart by my peers.

I soon realised the answer. I feared sharing the one thing that not only represents my entire career, but after spending so much time and effort meticulously constructing, tweaking and starting again (and again) I have what I believe is a snapshot of myself.

This first post, on my first blog is a small act of bravery. There will be many more to come.

While You're Here

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